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> Will the app remember the cloud sync setting if the app was installed with
> it enabled and the app is upgraded?
> Seems like it should.
Unless you purge the current installation before installing the new version
the setting should be remembered.

> Here is an odd and unexpected sync behavior that I'm seeing.
> 26 dives were downloaded directly from the dive computer using my GS7.
> (using a debug version of 4.8.1 that I built)
Did you download the dives before or after activating your cloud account on
the device?

> Another 30 dives were downloaded on another device and synced to the cloud
> which where then synced to my GS7.
> The app on the GS7 shows all 56 dives and when bringing up the app, it
> says "56 dives loaded from local dive data file".
> I removed the 4.8.1 APP and then installed the latest app version of 2.1.2
> (
> When it comes up only 26 dives show up - even though 56 dives were showing
> up previously.
That is strange, if you fully remove the app all local data should be

When you then start the app you should be greeted with the landing page
where you have the choise of typing in your
cloud credentials or start in "No cloud mode".
If you pick "No cloud mode" the divelist that loads should be empty.
If you type in your cloud credentials on the first start up, it should pull
everything from the cloud before the divelist is shown.

> If I go to dive management and click on Manual sync with cloud I get the
> other 30 dives.
> If I exit the app and start it up again, it says "56 dives loaded from
> local dive data file" and all 56 dives are there.
> If I remove the 2.1.2( app, and re-install 2.1.2(4.8.2.) again,
> when I bring up the app again it says "26 dives loaded from the local dive
> data file".
It appears that any dives that were synced from the cloud (I assume to the
> local data file?) are lost when the app is re-installed.
> This seems really odd.
> Is that really the intended behavior?
There is a separation between local saved dives and dives stored in the
You can have different cloud accounts while still having the same local
storage for the same user.

> If so, why does the app say that all the dives were loaded from the local
> dive data file when starting up?
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