OT: Aqua Lung I100 Cable

Simon Eigeldinger simon.eigeldinger at vol.at
Mon Sep 24 10:20:38 PDT 2018

Am 23.09.2018 um 22:42 schrieb Linus Torvalds:
> On Sun, Sep 23, 2018, 13:23 Simon Eigeldinger <simon.eigeldinger at vol.at>
> wrote:
>> I just got me an Aqua Lung I100.
>> Thought it was coming with a cable, but no.
>> do i need the special interface cable or can i use some standard off the
>> shelf cable?
> Sadly, I think it needs the special aqualung USB cable that retails for
> something ridiculous like $85 USD.

Thanks for replying.
Yes i guess thats what i also have seen.

> Even more sadly, I don't think libdivecomputer actually supports the i100
> at all. I assume that it is very similar to the i200 and i300 that *are*
> supported, but it might take some debugging and some help from Jef Driesen
> to get a download going correctly even with the cable..

Maybe thinking of selling it again.
Maybe getting a Mares Puck would be better and then buying the also not 
so cheap pc interface for around € 40.

As a blind diver there is no accessible dive computer at the moment but 
a logging device would be enough at least to take it with me as a blackbox.
Any other computers which are cheap and do the job?
Mostly i need air and nitrox.
the dive profile can be exported into a csv file which can then be read 
as it is possible using subsurface though this is also not a completely 
accessible task but might be possible.

though we try to contact a local electronics school which might be able 
to build a accessible dive computer which at least could show some 
information through vibrations.


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