[TEST REQUEST] Windows Bluetooth LE build

Steve stevewilliams at internode.on.net
Wed Sep 26 20:38:29 PDT 2018

looks like the recent libdc + BLE refactor in Subsurface fixed the issues i was having downloading from the OSTC+ on Windows, with my custom Qt build.
so it wasn't an issue in the Qt stack.

thanks goes to Linus, because i was stuck on this not being able to figure out what's going on for a long time...

log for proof:


link for testing my latest Subsurface test build for BLE on Win32:


- minimum Windows version for this is 8.1
- make sure that Windows has detected and paired with your DC

- extract the _deploy_win32_ble.zip ZIP in a folder somewhere
- navigate to the folder with Explorer and start _run.cmd
- a console window should open and next to it the Subsurface window
- start your BLE dive-computer and make it ready for downloading of dives
- in Subsurface goto Import -> Download from divecomputer
- select the following options (and pick paths):
     [x] Save libdivecomputer dumpfile
     [x] Save libdivecomputer logfile
- select the following option:
     [x] Choose bluetooth download mode
- a dialog should open. select "Force LE" for mode, and click "Scan".
- your device should appear in the list. select it and click "Save"
- the "Device or mount point" field should now show your DC.
- click "Download".

report back logs and dump files if it doesn't work for you.


Looks like it is working well on Windows 10.
I have started to download with the OSTC3+ and it shows about 10% done at the moment.
Sample from cmd window below:

read 20
QTime("13:00:55.270") packet WAIT
QTime("13:00:55.304") packet RECV "cf0200d802169a0000ab00000000000000000000"
QTime("13:00:55.304") packet RECV "0000000000002300de0200eb0200ee0200cf0200"
QTime("13:00:55.306") packet RECV "d40200d302049a0000b1cf0200ce0200ce0200ca"
QTime("13:00:55.307") packet RECV "0200d70200e002169a00009f0000000000000000"
QTime("13:00:55.307") packet READ "cf0200d802169a0000ab00000000000000000000"
read 20

I modified your _run.cmd to so it can capture everything as the windows cmd window doesn't have a very big scroll buffer:

@echo off
set QT_PLUGIN_PATH=.\plugins
set QT_LOGGING_RULES=qt.bluetooth*=true
subsurface.exe -v -v > cmdwindow.log

Let me know if you actually want the all logs or not.

I can also test the Petrel2 Ext. later tonight if you want just let me know.


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