Mares Smart Dive Computer + Bluelink pro

Linus Torvalds torvalds at
Thu Sep 27 09:30:42 PDT 2018

On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 8:39 AM Fabio Capriati <fabio.capriati at> wrote:
> Thanks to Dirk that provides me new version. Now it retrieved correctly Model and serial number but no new dives. There are dives inside in DC that I've already downloaded with another SW, I don't know if it flags them.
> Another strange thing is the led colour during download: it blinks green but sometimes also blue that doesn't happen when I've used Mares App.

I wonder if the blue is "timeout" or something like that.

> Here the log (2 times download):

Ok, you actually have a lot of good communication going on. It's
reading bytes from memory successfully, like here:

INFO: Write: size=10, data=E7420130000004000000
INFO: Read: size=1, data=AA
INFO: Read: size=4, data=201D0100
INFO: Read: size=1, data=EA

which is us sending that "read memory" command to read four bytes at
offset 0x301 (which is just a config read), and we get a successful
reply back.

But then we try to do a *big* read, and that starts getting data, but
then finally fails and times out:

INFO: Write: size=10, data=E742201C010000010000

The above is a 256-byte read at offset 0x11c20, and we first get the ACK byte:

INFO: Read: size=1, data=AA

and then we start getting the data (in mixed-sized packets - this is normal):

INFO: Read: size=20, data=0C00000200000D014C00000206000D0100000002
INFO: Read: size=20, data=06000E011200000205000E011000000205000D01
INFO: Read: size=20, data=2000000206000D010400000205000D0126000002
INFO: Read: size=20, data=07000C010F00000206000E010C00000205000C01
INFO: Read: size=20, data=3700000206000B010300000206000E0104000002
INFO: Read: size=2, data=0500
INFO: Read: size=20, data=0D011200000204000C012D00000205000C010900
INFO: Read: size=20, data=000205000D011500000204000D010C0000020400
INFO: Read: size=20, data=0E010600000204000D010100000204000E011B00
INFO: Read: size=20, data=00022C010C000C001E0007007600601500001E00
INFO: Read: size=20, data=78052080780532807805000000001F00981F0000
INFO: Read: size=8, data=CD00000000000000
INFO: Read: size=20, data=EF18EF18EF18EF18EF18EF18EF18EF18EF18EF18
INFO: Read: size=20, data=02011201FF005C01100000000000000000000000
INFO: Read: size=0, data=

the above is actually 250 bytes of data. But we're missing the last 6
bytes, and the final EA byte (for EOF).

But a lot of things really did work fine before this happened.

I wonder if bluetooth needs to lower the size of the maximum read packet.

I'll play around with it.


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