[TEST REQUEST] Windows Bluetooth LE build

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Fri Sep 28 07:44:11 PDT 2018

> On Sep 28, 2018, at 6:36 AM, Anton Lundin <glance at acc.umu.se> wrote:
> So, some how we ended up being out of order.
> I would need to look at the libdivecomputer log file to. It might tell
> us what actually happened.

Yes, that would be good to follow up on

>> i guess the biggest point here is that the BTLE Win32 stack works.
> YEY.

Yes indeed. Now how do I add Lubomir's patches to my built-from-source-anyway Qt libraries for MXE?
So we can get more people to test "official" binaries?

So cool. So, so cool.

(and yes, Lubomir, I'll bring with me next week one of my favorite dive computers as that is a BLE device that's very different from the OSTC that you have...)


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