Mobile: QML weirdness (likely Kirigami bug)

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Sat Sep 29 13:09:51 PDT 2018

Ok, yesterday I wrote "So needed: revert both 17ec95e70c3ae58 and 

Bug is related to the page stack and swiping through dives and returning 
to the list by the breadcrumb (instead of the menu). Sometimes this 
results in a page that shows both the divelist and the divedetail page 
on top of each other. Easy to get to a sane state again from that (just 
select the dive list from the menu), so not a real showstopper, but it 
look ugly."

Further investigation shows that Kirigami commit 26b8bdea24c3930 
(Refactor the Global ToolBar concept) first introduces this wrong 
behavior in Subsurface-mobile. This is very non-trivial commit on the 
Kirigami side, and I see nothing obvious that could explain the changed 

So the question is now: are we (Subsurface-mobile) doing something wrong 
or is it the mentioned commit that messes things up for us (and prevents 
us upgrading at this point).

I'm highly inclined to blame the Kirigami commit, as things as flicking 
trough the page stack, using breadcrumb navigation, etc is 99% under 
control of the Kirigami level of our app. Obviously, a small QML only 
demonstrator of the issue could prove this.

It would be very nice if Marco could take a look as I believe no 
Subsurface-mobile expertise on this QML/Kirigami level exists.


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