Subsurface 4.8.3 and Subsurface-mobile 2.1.4 have been released

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Sep 29 13:35:28 PDT 2018

Hi everyone,

Yeah, this was a bit of a rush job, but I think it worked out well.
Sources and tags are pushed, including tar balls.
The binaries are all up, including for the first time Ubuntu Cosmic (18.10) packages.
The mobile app updates have been submitted, but haven't made it to the respective 
app stores, yet.
Announcements are posted on our website and on Facebook (you know the drill: 
please like and share - the more of you do that, the more people get to see the 
post - FB is really strange in how even people who follow our page don't see the 
post unless a certain number of people "interact" with the post...)

An extra thanks to the translators who stepped up and added quite a few strings 
with nearly no warning. And once again we even have the announcement already 
translated in Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish! More translations are 
always welcome!

Please keep the pull requests coming. I think the project is doing remarkably 
well these days...



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