Mobile: QML weirdness (likely Kirigami bug)

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Sun Sep 30 10:55:15 PDT 2018

On 9/29/18 10:09 PM, Jan Mulder wrote:
> Ok, yesterday I wrote "So needed: revert both 17ec95e70c3ae58 and 
> 40766db459b21.
> Bug is related to the page stack and swiping through dives and returning 
> to the list by the breadcrumb (instead of the menu). Sometimes this 
> results in a page that shows both the divelist and the divedetail page 
> on top of each other. Easy to get to a sane state again from that (just 
> select the dive list from the menu), so not a real showstopper, but it 
> look ugly."
> Further investigation shows that Kirigami commit 26b8bdea24c3930 
> (Refactor the Global ToolBar concept) first introduces this wrong 
> behavior in Subsurface-mobile. This is very non-trivial commit on the 
> Kirigami side, and I see nothing obvious that could explain the changed 
> behavior.
> So the question is now: are we (Subsurface-mobile) doing something wrong 
> or is it the mentioned commit that messes things up for us (and prevents 
> us upgrading at this point).
> I'm highly inclined to blame the Kirigami commit, as things as flicking 
> trough the page stack, using breadcrumb navigation, etc is 99% under 
> control of the Kirigami level of our app. Obviously, a small QML only 
> demonstrator of the issue could prove this.
> It would be very nice if Marco could take a look as I believe no 
> Subsurface-mobile expertise on this QML/Kirigami level exists.

Progress. I found a weird "clip: false" statement in our 
Subsurface-mobile code (in ListView with id: diveDetailsListView). This 
was changed over 1.5 year ago (commit dd1d90b5295b146e, with the 
interesting description: QML UI: don't clip, At least that's what the 
QML documentation recommends).

Not clipping seemed, in hindsight, exactly the problem that I found 
while upgrading to a more recent SHA of Kirigami. So, a simple test 
shows that clip: true solves the problem. Obviously, the Kirigami commit 
26b8bdea24c3930 changed "something" that causes different behavior with 
respect to this clipping of the Listview, but I cannot say that that is 
a bug.

@Dirk. A little git question. What about reverting the 2 reverted 
commits? Not sure how to handle that. Redo the 2 commits or just revert 
the revert?


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