Atmospheric pressure data in the dive log

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> So I believe what you are suggesting comes down to having a UI element to
> actually edit that information, correct?
> There are some problems, though. Most importantly, where in the UI to
> insert a text box or dropdown box? The screen is already pretty full as it
> is. Personally I am not very positive about the utility of the air
> temperature in the dive UI and I am not convinced it is being used a lot.
> My suggestion would be to replace the air temp box with one for
> altitude/pressure.
> Stating that this is more useful than air temperature is simply a personal
> preference. I think that a lot of recreational divers might find the
> temperature more interesting, TBH.
> You could make it a preference which one to show. Or we could create a new
> tab that offers some of the other things that are less frequently used (and
> for example move air temp, OC/CC selection, and surface pressure all to
> that tab).
> I'm curious what others think
> /D
> I'm a recreational diver, and I'm more likely to record atmospheric
pressure than I am the air temperature.   I do like the idea of a new tab
to add in the less used fields: OC/CC, atmospheric pressure, air

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