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Robert Helling helling at
Sat Apr 6 03:40:17 PDT 2019


as a follow up to a thread of scuba board: <>

There, somebody wants to overlay his underwater videos with a mock up dive computer display showing the current data.

This got me wondering if there would be more general interest in such a feature. After a bit of googling around, this should not be too hard using a subtitle format like SSA ( <>): This is a text based file format that allows to show text at specific times in a video and there are even some drawing primitives as well as image display included. And ffmpeg is able to read that and render it into a video stream.

As I myself am not a videographer (have not even taken images underwater), I wonder if there would be any demand for such a feature. I think we could simple export dive data to such a file format, not necessarily rendering a faux dive computer but just showing the information as a text for starters. Any feedback appreciated!


PS: Does anybody object to asking a similar question in the Subsurface facebook account as I guess that would reach more of our users rather than just developers?
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