Moving Divesites from One User to Another

Henrik B A subsurface at
Mon Apr 8 01:10:39 PDT 2019

On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 3:42 AM Michael Newman <mike.g.newman at>

> Well, this was a huge failure. I edited her xml file to include all 80
> dive sites that are in my ssrf file. The first time I opened her xml file
> in Subsurface, all those dive sites were there. I was able to add dive site
> locations to a few of her dives without entering the name and coordinates
> manually.
> But, once I saved the changes, Subsurface deleted all of the dive sites
> that were not actually her dives. So, instead of 80 dive sites her xml file
> now has only three.

Yes, this has been a serious problem with Subsurface since the start, since
dive sites aren't treated as first class citizens. Dive sites just
disappear if you happen to not have it linked to a dive :(

There is work underway to revamp the whole dive site database logic,
though, so there's hope that even I can use Subsurface as my main dive
logging software some time in the future.  Really looking forward to it! :)

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