Logging atmospheric pressure

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Wed Apr 10 06:49:52 PDT 2019

I am diving, and in between I am looking at the Subsurface code. 
Attached a screenshot of a fully functional text edit widget to enter 
atmospheric pressure.

It works like this. If diver has the atmospheric pressure, this can be 
directly entered into the text box. The combobox allows choosing between 
entering a pressure value (mbar), or entering an altitude in the 
measurement system defined in the preferences. For Americans this would 
be feet. If altltude is entered, the mean atmospheric pressure at that 
altitude is saved to the dive log.

The main problems are:

1) It is complex to move any of the edit boxes to a different tab 
because the confirmation boxes and data checking are all executed in 
Maintab. If one moves some of the text boxes to a different tab, a 
duplicate system of data validation and confirm/reject would be 
required. This makes it unattractive to move the edit boxes out of the 
main tab.

2) If the yard stick is a minimum maintab screen width a bit wider than 
the existing tabs (maybe equivalent to the existing tabs plus another 
nonexting tab), then the attached image shows that an additional edit 
box comfortably fits into the tab panel with sufficient space to contain 
all relevant information. In the previous version, the two temperature 
edit boxes (air & water) occupied much more space than necessary to 
contain the temperatures. The reason was very long titles above the edit 
boxes. In my example, the titles for the 2 temperature edit boxes are 
reduced to a bare minimum, to such a level that more information is 
probably required. There are two options to do this:

a) Give the title as "Water °C" or "Air °F". This is short enough to fit 
above the respective edit boxes.

b) Insert a row of text at the top of the panel so that a word 
"Temperature(s)" can fit ABOVE the "Water °C" and the "Air °F". This 
would slightly reduce the vertical screen space available for the dive list.

The reason why I have a strong feeling that this should be on the 
Maintab is because this information directly affects the decompression 
ceiling calculated for a dive and any information that affects the 
ceiling should be immediately visible on the Maintab.

Any suggestions are extremely welcome.

Kind regards,


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