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> Hi,
> this is really a tough one. Let’s keep in mind in which direction this (if
> it takes off at all) might go to: Rather than sharing your own dive sites
> between a few of your own log files (or maybe with your wife or your close
> friends), this whole dive site management becomes really powerful as soon
> as some big dive site collections are created (like all dive sites in a
> country, a continent or even globally) with the collections shared
> essentially between all Subsurface users.

This is exactly how I would like things to go -- I'd gladly share my dive
sites in my usual dive locations, but I'd really like to get a copy of
someone else's dive sites for a trip to a location I've never been.  That
would be really powerful.

> …….

> These collection could also be used to figure out where it is actually
> worth going to. Another aspect is of course language: We might want to
> remember the langue of a dive site description so that I can decide to only
> import those that are in a language that I can understand.

I'd import the dive sites in my personal log, even if they aren't in my
native language. If it is a dive site that I actual use, I'd probably
translate or re-write the description to fit my needs.

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