dive sites, edit undo, and the major steps towards 4.9

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Sun Apr 14 01:50:50 PDT 2019


1) The dive site panel makes huge strides towards a robust but flexible 
interface for working with dive sites. The current actions are:

a) Edit a dive site

b) Delete a dive site

For those that have strong feelings about dive sites, one would like to 
have an option of:

c) Create a dive site

I would never use this, but the conversation over the last month 
articulated a need for such a facility.

However, one that I am very likely to use is:

d) Merge dive sites

As was apparent in the discussions on this topic I also have many 
duplicate dive sites and they definitely need reorganisation.

What is the sentiment and/or intentions about having these two 
additional actions on dive sites?

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