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Robert Helling helling at atdotde.de
Mon Apr 15 04:34:14 PDT 2019


> On 14. Apr 2019, at 15:38, Philippe Massart <philippe at philmassart.net> wrote:
> When doing the same with the latest master from Git (OS X), one line is added, with a huge amount of liters! I tested the same from a fresh raspberry (Raspbian) compilation from git, same « strange » new  line.
> Perhaps that was already present for a while, I didn’t previously check the planner while compiling from git. But no idea where it comes from.
There should be a fix on https://github.com/Subsurface-divelog/subsurface/pull/2060

> Note also that CNS and OTU values are slightly different, that difference increasing with deeper dives simulations (not just a rounding issue, I guess).

These calculations we revamped in 1aef22116c0f0d4a6675225ab1b896715f3e9212 and fba6ec5ad500f0106a1590f061a583376dcbd23d. Should be more accurate now.

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