G2 HUD support?

William Perry wmperry at kadath.us
Tue Apr 16 06:23:26 PDT 2019

My local shop has been selling the new G2 HUDs like hotcakes, and everyone
that has been getting the G2 console or wrist computer has been using
Subsurface on Mac or Windows.  I've been getting some questions from folks
about support for the HUD (somehow I am the de-facto computer help guy for
the Mac folks at the shop because I happen to own a Mac and work in the
tech industry - it is like having 100+ parents and grandparents).

Anything I could do from this end to get HUD support rolling?  I have
access to at least 3 of the HUDs with actual dives on them (all
recreational) to run test programs against.  I'm not sure the supply has
loosened up enough to get a loaner to anyone, especially with dive season
crashing down on us.

Hopefully getting the basic support is as simple as just adding new device
identifiers, but the silly thing does have some sort of GPS support so who
knows whether the data stream has changed significantly.

-Bill Perry
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