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Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Wed Apr 17 07:26:45 PDT 2019

Following the conversation about "Extra Desktop tab in desktopversion" 
as well as the discussion which appears to have petered out, I propose 
the following layout of the Notes tab as well as the Information tab. 
Note that both dive mode as well as atmospheric pressure are indicated, 
respectively, in the gradient settings heading and as part of the 
heading for Location.

Some specifics:

1) The atmospheric pressure will only be shown if there exists a valid 
value within the dive structure.

2) I assume that the Bühlmann or VPM-B settings are always shown above 
the profile, even for recreational dives. I do noit know of a way to 
switch it off, which means it is safe to add the dive mode to that 
heading for all types of dives.

3) Water type is obtained directly from the dive computer and translated 
to g/liter. I would really like this heading to be "Water density" and 
not "Water type".

4) The five text boxes are the only ones in that tab that I think are 
realistically editable. If the information has been collected from the 
dive computer, the appropriate values will be shown in the text boxes. 
But those five fields will be user-editable.

The discussion on this topic brought up a few divergences in point of 
view. Please look at these attached screen mockups and give me some 

Kind regards,


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