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>>> It is not clear to me why atmospheric pressure and dive mode were chosen as special fields that get added to the location label on the Notes tab as opposed to other fields like water and air temperature. Are those really the most important fields for the majority of Subsurface users to be treated uniquely?
>> They are two critical values for interpretation of the ceiling in the dive profile and therefore play an important rôle in assessing the safety of a dive. Temperature is not (well, unless you are diving at very low temperature). It is an attempt to maximise the ability information of the display to provide information relating to the safety of the dive.
>>> I am not sure the Location label should be overloaded to display these other fields, to be honest.
>> If you have an alternative suggestion of where to display this information, please bring this up. That is the purpose of this discussion. We must assume there will be different points of view but are trying to get a consensus that accommodates as many as possible of the different types of divers that use Subsurface. Makes sense?
> That does makes sense. My thought is that if those two values are critical to creating a safe dive profile, then they should both be included in the dive profile title. In the second screenshot, you show the dive mode in the title as “GF 45/70 (Open Circuit)”. Could you instead include both the atmospheric pressure and the dive mode in the profile title like “GF 45/70 (Open Circuit, 980 bar surface pressure)” to keep the information where it is most relevant, instead of overloading the label for the dive location? For users that do not have the surface pressure populated in the dive planner or from their computer, the second part of the profile title could be eliminated.
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Two points:

1) Barometric pressure is in principle a location-specific measure, 
dependent on the way air pressure systems move around. Two dive sites 
100 km apart are unlikely to have exactly the same barometric pressure.

2) The usual recreational diver will never get a display of barometric 
pressure. This is because it is only shown if there is a valid pressure 
value that has been either recorded by the dive computer or specified by 
the diver. Those with dive computers that record barometric pressure are 
probably interested to see the pressure because it affects the way that 
oxygen sensor(s) of that dive computer are calibrated and it also 
reflects the way the dive computer calculates dive ceilings internally.

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