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> Subject: Information tab in desktop version
> Following the conversation about "Extra Desktop tab in desktopversion"
> as well as the discussion which appears to have petered out, I propose
> …..snip.....
> 1) The atmospheric pressure will only be shown if there exists a valid
> value within the dive structure.


> 2) I assume that the Bühlmann or VPM-B settings are always shown above
> the profile, even for recreational dives. I do noit know of a way to
> switch it off, which means it is safe to add the dive mode to that
> heading for all types of dives.

> 3) Water type is obtained directly from the dive computer and translated
> to g/liter. I would really like this heading to be "Water density" and
> not "Water type".

I assume the entry is "salt" and "fresh" or "salt" and "sweet"?

> …...snip.....
> The discussion on this topic brought up a few divergences in point of
> view. Please look at these attached screen mockups and give me some
> feedback?
> willem
> I've attached a change to the main notes page:
* move the line containing duration and depth up to the same line as dive
start time.
* move duration closer to the time, so now I read the start of the dive &
the duration
* tags goes to the line below, allowing a longer entry field


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