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Tue Apr 23 16:30:36 PDT 2019

Not sure if I'm fully following where the discussion is up to here, but
have been considering the topic of 'water density',  'atmospheric
pressure'. 'dive mode' and throw my thoughts into the ring.

All these are are inputs to the decompression algorithm, so it makes sense
that they are front and center when it comes to the planner (as they are)
and captured in the planner output (which the atmo is, but not the water
type, which seems to be an oversight that should be corrected).

But when looking back at a log entry, it might seem that they are less
interesting (especially for those that 100% ocean dive), but really they
should be just as valid and important as capturing the depth and time.

I'm diving a shearwater, so it's easy to just think of the atmo and water
type as something that the DC logs, put it in the profile somewhere (like
the deco model) and then only show fields for manually entered dives (as it
is now for depth/time). but not all dive computers capture the atmo / water
type in the log. So what to do? I do think that these should at minimum be
editable fields if not on the 'main' notes tab..(so can be logged for those
whose computers do not capture it or changed if you wish similar as the
temperature is now).

Frankly water temp 'should' be elsewhere too, since it is already in the
profile if available from the DC, but same issue, do all DC capture
temperature in their log entry. Possibly not.

If these fields are not in the main 'notes' tab. perhaps it could satisfy
some people by including them in the column chooser for the list view. then
it can be seen without switching tabs if people choose.

Does Qt have an accordion type widget? that to me would seem the right
approach, to keep all these editable fields on the notes tab, but accordion
expand or hide as the user choose in the moment.


Dean Murray

On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 5:40 PM Henrik B A <henrik at> wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 17, 2019, 21:04 Doug Junkins <douglas.junkins at>
> wrote:
>> It is not clear to me why atmospheric pressure and dive mode were chosen
>> as special fields that get added to the location label on the Notes tab as
>> opposed to other fields like water and air temperature. Are those really
>> the most important fields for the majority of Subsurface users to be
>> treated uniquely? I am not sure the Location label should be overloaded to
>> display these other fields, to be honest.
> I agree, this doesn't seem relevant for most users.
> Henrik
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