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Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Thu Apr 25 00:09:03 PDT 2019

Hallo Berthold,

The intention is to make user-editable the existing water temperature, 
air temperature and air pressure in the Information tab. Currently none 
of the items in the Information tab are editable. Therefore 
TabDiveInformation.cpp does not have any of the macros or functions to 
save any information to a dive, e.g. the equivalent of  
updateDiveInfo(), UPDATE_TEMP(airtemp) and UPDATE_TEMP(watertemp) in 
maintab.cpp. It seems to me not optimal to duplicate the functions in 
maintab.cpp for saving data in in TabDiveInformation.cpp because these 
functions already exist in maintab.cpp. Another possibility is to 
include maintab.h in TabDiveInformation and to trigger and update of the 
all the dive information when the Information tab is edited, but I am 
not convinced this is the best way to go either because one would have 
to create and populate a maintab class form within TabDiveInformation. 
There must be easier ways to do the C++ for saving the temperatures to a 
dive and my C++ is not excellent, especially when Qt is involved.

Perhaps the easiest is to wait until you have opportunity to work on the 
undo of the Equipment tab. When you do these changes to the Equipment 
tab, would you be prepared to have a look at TabDiveInformation.cpp as 
well? It appears the Equipment tab information is handled within 
maintab.cpp by including the various equipment Qt models and not on a 
separate basis like in TabDiveInformation. Alternatively, if you can 
give me some clear suggestions that would not obfuscate any of the undo 
work you plan, I can do some changes in the code. Do you have any 

Kind regards,


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