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Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Sun Apr 28 06:06:15 PDT 2019

The current work to make the atmospheric pressure editable in the 
Information tab has made me thinking about the layout of this tab which 
has worried me for a long time because it appears largely unorganised. 
Attached a screenshot of a proposal for the layout of the Information 
tab. This is an attempt to present it in a more organised way. Although 
it takes into account the existing initiative to make the temperatures 
and the atmospheric pressure editable it is not part of the same 
activity. It would follow after that. The two temperature text boxes as 
well as the visibility rating come from the Notes tab and these items 
would therefore probably be removed from the Notes tab. It also adds 
three more integer variables to the Dive structure to account for sea 
surface waves, surge and current.

This initial layout is not meant to be a final product at all and would 
need some significantly more work.

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