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> Attached a screenshot of a proposal for the layout of the Information
> tab. This is an attempt to present it in a more organised way. Although
> it takes into account the existing initiative to make the temperatures
> and the atmospheric pressure editable it is not part of the same
> activity. It would follow after that. The two temperature text boxes as
> well as the visibility rating come from the Notes tab and these items
> would therefore probably be removed from the Notes tab. It also adds
> three more integer variables to the Dive structure to account for sea
> surface waves, surge and current.
> In general, I like the re-organization. Putting the depth closer to the
dive time makes a lot of sense, and the OTU and CNS numbers near the gas
usage also is cleaner.
I'm less convinced on the placement of the surge/waves/current.  I feel
that this is disconnected with some of the other qualifiers for the dive
(visibility, rating) that show up on the Notes page.  That's where I think
these items belong.

Personally I use tags to mention current, so I'm generally not strongly
supportive of the star rating of current.

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