Bug setting the dive time in Subsurface 4.8.5 (Appimage)

Berthold Cogel cogel at uni-koeln.de
Mon Apr 29 15:48:20 PDT 2019


I tried to submit the report via github, but somehow the submit button 
wasn't working.... So ....

Because I forgot to change the device time to CEST I wanted to change 
the time of a dive in subsurface. I used the form to enter the new time 
and I tried to set the time by incrementing/decrementing the time with 
the buttons in the form....

I tried to set the time from 17:52 to 18:52 and got 16:52. I tried again 
18:52 and got 12:52. Trying the buttons to increment the time I got a 
jump to the next day at one point. At the end I had to edit the xml file 

Operating system: Debian Buster
Device: Suunto Viper Air
Subsurface version: Appimage 4.8.5

Subsurface 4.8.3 Windows doesn't seem to have this problem.

Berthold Cogel

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