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I will have a look at using mxe.

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> >Hi guys, got a couple of questions.
> >
> >For windows development/debugging, is there anything I should know that
> >isn't covered in the INSTALL file. Are there any settings that the
> >installer configures or anything?
> Not that I know of. Lubomir is the main expert on Windows questions.
> >As far as I can see the options are build under WSL using the MinGW, or
> >with MXE cross compile under a standard Linux box.
> I strongly advise against native builds. I believe we still have only one
> person who successfully did that. It's insanely painful. The container MXE
> builds on the other hand are really straight forward.
> >Coding style, looking at the coding style it looks mostly the same as
> >the
> >Kernel coding style, would it be worth using the .clang-format from the
> >kernel tree?
> Well, for the C code that would work. But there are a few additional
> things for C++
> It's not exactly strictly enforced, though.
> >Any etiquette for proposing changes etc. I should know about beyond
> >sign-off lines with pull requests?
> Smaller things are fine as pull request. For bigger or more fundamental
> changes I always suggest an email to the developer mailing list, first. A
> few areas have informal owners and it makes sense to get their take before
> spending time on something they'll reject...
> /D
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