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Christian Hoefer ch.hoefer at
Sun Jun 2 09:12:29 PDT 2019

Am 02.06.19 um 13:46 schrieb SFE Groenen:
> Thanks for the tip! and the quick answer
> best regards, Sylvia
> from the Netherlands
> Op di 28 mei 2019 om 19:44 schreef Salvador Cuñat
> <salvador.cunat at <mailto:salvador.cunat at>>:
>     Hellow Sylvia.
>     El mar., 28 may. 2019 a las 17:20, SFE Groenen
>     (<sg.valkenswaard at <mailto:sg.valkenswaard at>>)
>     escribió:
>         hello, I find some information on scubaboard/community for
>         converting files!
>         I had a Scupabro-Alladin divecomputer (~699 dives) and now a
>         Suunto-Zoop Novo.
>         So I want to import the old files into program Suunto DM5
>          >> can you help me?
>     Subsurface has a tool which converts Scubapro's .slg  files to
>     Subsurface's .xml format.
>     You can find the tool smtk2ssrf
>     <>
>     in the link (for windows).  It will create an archive in Subusurface
>     format.
>     The main question is:  Can DM5 import this file? DM5 can import
>     archives in .xml format but I don't know if Subsurface's variations
>     will be supported by DM5 importer.  Nevertheless you can give it a
>     try, just be careful not to try it on your own divelog the first
>     time (I would try the import on a brand new divelog and, if it
>     worked well -or somehow well- would try on my divelog after making a
>     backup copy of it, off course).
>     Importing logs from other computers tends to be a very big drawback
>     in hardware vendor's divelog programs (I don't actually know anyone
>     doing it), as they try to get the customer "chained" to their products.
>     This was the main reason I moved to Subsurface some years ago (or
>     whichever other software you  can prefer),  programs which are not
>     hardware dependent support almost all divecomputer on the market and
>     most of their divelog formats.  E.g.  you could easily have all your
>     dives, both aladin or Zoop registered in Subsurface and, if you
>     change your computer to any other vendor in the future or simply
>     borrow a divecomputer for a dive, you can still have your data merged.
>     P.S.  I've tried your file and it is correctly imported to
>     Subsurface, as far as I can see.
>     Best Regards.
>     Salva.
Hello Sylvia, Salva,

unfortunately this wont work easily. The XML formats supported by
subsurface and Suunto DM5 are different.
I had a similar problem once: importing one dive from DM5 in subsurface.

Sorry for the bad news

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