Windows 10 instalation not access cloud

John Smith noseygit at
Mon Jun 10 06:24:54 PDT 2019

One of my W10 systems isnt working properly. When I click 'open cloud storage'  I get an
'Unable to look up revison ......"

I have cleaned out the old installation and  (re)downloaded the latest version from the website - test and full release, but no change.
my other W10 laptop works perfectly so I cant see it being a bug in the git repository

this is from running --verbose

cloud URL set as "[]"
Opening cloud storage from: "[]"
git storage: Synchronising data file
git storage: update local repo
sync with remote[]
git storage: Sync with cloud storage
delete proxy setting
Cloud storage: checking connection to cloud server
Checking cloud connection...
git storage: fetch remote
git storage: Successful cloud connection, fetch remote
remote fetch failed (failed to inflate loose object)
git storage: Done syncing with cloud storage

Would anyone have an idea of where to look?

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