Delete mobile dive log: Android on Samsung J2.

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Mon Jun 10 10:48:40 PDT 2019

Some time ago I deleted some dives from my mobile dive log to get 
screenshots for the user manual. I cannot get the dives back. I have all 
the dives on my desktop and on a local git repository. If I save the 
desktop version to cloud and do a manual synch from mobile the dives are 
still missing, despite me uninstalling Subsurface-mobile and 
re-installing it from the Play store. After installation the old log is 
not displayed and I have to do a manual synch to get dives. But the six 
deleted dives are still missing. No problem on the desktop, though. I 
have every reason to believe that, when I do a Save to Cloud from the 
desktop, the cloud version is actually updated. Would it help if I 
deleted the mobile dive log via the OS and synched with cloud again? 
Where is the dive log located in Android?

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