Running Subsurface on Lollipop

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Oct 6 11:24:07 PDT 2019

> On Oct 6, 2019, at 10:24 AM, John Smith <noseygit at> wrote:
> I think you might have touched on something when you asked what device I have and mentioned the 64bit builds.
> It’s a Hudl- made for the Uk market a few years ago and now no longer supported. - hence being stuck on 5.x.
> I didn’t know what chip set I had, so ran CPU-z last night and discovered I have an intel atom system. That explained the x86 entry that we saw previously.
> I also don’t usually download via the play store, I usually go direct to the directories and download the arm.apk rather than the arm64 files.

Yeah - because they are then run with HAXM translation - which back in the Lollipop day didn't understand arm64. I'm surprised that worked at all, frankly.

> This makes me think that maybe the play store for some reason identified my Hudl as 64 bit, downloaded that and that’s the start of the problem
> Im not certain how to run abd via a command window in a windows environment so can’t do that at present. I normally just run android studio, put subsurface in the filter and go with that. If anyone can suggest a better way, please do.
> Altogether I think I’m probably leading you down a dead end. Luckily though, going back a few releases, I get back download capability for both my FTDI computer and my shearwaters so all is good for that point of view - downloading my suunto was the only reason why I bought an android system, i usually do everything on an iPad. 

OK, I'll close this on my "todo" list


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