unable to open com port

info at centrotecnicodellasubacquea.com info at centrotecnicodellasubacquea.com
Tue Oct 29 08:39:56 PDT 2019

Hello I am trying to use subsurface to download dive data from these two

*	Mares Nemo Wide
*	Ratio IX3M Pro

I can't download the dive data because SubSurface gives me this error:
"Impossibile aprire COM1" (unable to open COM1).

I have tryied two different releases of subsurface: 4.8.5 and 4.9.3.

On both releases I can just find the COM1 port, and I have tryied all the
USB ports on the machine (Windows 10), but I can't download anything from
both computers.

I have tryied the same computers with another windows 10 machine, a
different one, and on that one I find 2 COM ports (COM3 and COM7) and using
COM7 I can download from both the computers, with the same cables.

I attach the error message and the log file.

Any help would be great, thank you


Gianfranco Simonini




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