releasing 4.9.10 and website updates

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Tue Dec 1 18:16:43 PST 2020

A couple of updates...

> On Nov 23, 2020, at 9:01 AM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> Warning - slightly ranty email...

Yeah, still a bit ranty...

> The announcements are now handled through GitHub and initially that gave us more consistent translations, but lately that hasn't been the case anymore.
> We have only half of our 'usual' translations (German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese -- we never managed to get a volunteer to work on the French translations, sadly) for 4.9.9 and no translations for 4.9.10.
> Part of this is likely that I have no targeted list of "owners" that I can reach out to.
> What's far worse is that the <> page is a complete embarrassment. In any language. It's inconsistent between languages and it is flat out wrong in all of them.
> Listing the wrong versions, making incorrect claims about compatibility, etc.
> It would be lovely if someone could take on the task to create a <> page to replace this with. That was part of the motivation to move the announcements there. It's a simple git repo that accepts either html or markdown pages and that anyone can very easily contribute to: <>
> Sure, I can add that to my todo list, but that one is overflowing to a degree that is really calling the viability of this project into question.

No one spoke up, so I got started on this.
We can all agree that I would starve if I tried to work as web designer, but, well... it's a start. <>

and I even did a German translation <>

It would be great to get translations for this (as well as the 4.9.9 / 4.9.10 announcements). Currently we have this site set up to support English, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Given how bad the current download page is I'd really love to switch over to this page ASAP. So feedback, comments, reviews, pull-requests are all welcome! <>

> In the meantime I'm continuing to work on the complete redo of the Android mobile app infrastructure (still chasing at least two glaring catastrophic bugs), Berthold and Willem are working on the stunning new statistics module for Subsurface 5.0, and Robert is playing with a headless downloader as companion for iPhone users...

All three of these efforts are still ongoing. The Android mobile app is getting CLOSE with Qt 5.15 and the current Kirigami. One horrific visual artifact is left and then I should be able to cut a new beta. Trying to fix the download page mess kinda side tracked me a bit.

Oh, and we integrated the Snap (both releases and ongoing test builds) in our overall infrastructure, which is great news for quite a few of our users...


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