mobile dark theme

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Dec 20 12:29:32 PST 2020

This has received so many comments, so many negative reviews, so much frustrations from our users.

As I have said many times, I personally don't care for dark themes. But hey, as no one who knows me would say, I live to serve...

So here we are, in time for Christmas (and slightly late for Hanukah - sorry about that), a new build of Subsurface-mobile with an IMHO fairly reasonably working dark theme.

Ideally I'd like to release this before Christmas to our broader user base - but that would require that it gets some decent testing in the next two days as the stores will shut down on the 23rd for updates.
I just pushed new builds on both stores, which are of course now "under review" which can take anywhere from minutes to... forever.
But hopefully by the time the Europeans come back Monday morning, the beta streams in both stores should have 3.1.1 ( -- and it's the '115' that you need to get (or newer in case I find a bug and fix it).
I would really appreciate if people could test all three themes but especially the dark theme. If things are off, screen shots are super useful.
If this works, I'll release this Tuesday evening my time... and if not, oh well, there's always next year :-)



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