Importing dives from Shearwater Perdix AI straight into Subsurface

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Dec 23 09:11:55 PST 2020

> On Dec 23, 2020, at 1:58 AM, tormento via subsurface <subsurface at> wrote:
> Dear Dirk,
> never seen anybody with a working import thru BT on Windows 10.
> Please, if anybody is successful, share a video showing us how the magic works.

There is no magic. It's simply a sequence of steps.

- first you need a quiet environment (I walk out into the backyard and even there I can see half a dozen BLE devices - compared to 28 in my office)

- forget the pairing in the Windows device settings
- turn on BLE mode on the Perdix AI
- pair Windows
- start Subsurface
- scan
- download
if it works, go back to your house as likely your toes are cold.
if not, repeat

If I connected my Shearwater with a different computer or device since the last time I downloaded from it on Windows then it will take half a dozen or more of runs through this sequence.

And for your statement about "never seen anybody"... please stop spreading this nonsense.
As I have said multiple times here on this list, it works for me, and more importantly, the Windows BLE code was DEVELOPED using a Shearwater Perdix AI as the BLE dive computer to test with.
It was in fact for a short while the only one supported.

So yes, it doesn't work as well as I want it to work. But it definitely works.


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