Importing dives from Shearwater Perdix AI straight into Subsurface

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Wed Dec 23 09:26:51 PST 2020

Dear Dirk,

I live in a country house, surrounded by fields only.

The only signal I receive is my Wi-Fi and I always shut down BT devices
when not in use.

I have followed your steps many times, with no success.

I asked many times which BT dongles currently the Windows people use, with
no answers for me.

Shearwater Desktop works every single time, no problems, no hiccups. I
tried in a really “noisy” environment too and no issues.

Why Subsurface is so picky? It can’t be a matter of BT dongle, as I use the
same that works flawlessly with Shearwater Desktop, neither the hardware
for the very same reason.

It seems to me black magic and, again, I saw no other person but you to
successfully download dives under Windows 10.

Which dongle do you use? Which operating system build? Did you try with
latest ones?


Il giorno mer 23 dic 2020 alle 18:12 Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> ha

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> > Dear Dirk,
> >
> > never seen anybody with a working import thru BT on Windows 10.
> >
> > Please, if anybody is successful, share a video showing us how the magic
> works.
> There is no magic. It's simply a sequence of steps.
> - first you need a quiet environment (I walk out into the backyard and
> even there I can see half a dozen BLE devices - compared to 28 in my office)
> repeat:
> - forget the pairing in the Windows device settings
> - turn on BLE mode on the Perdix AI
> - pair Windows
> - start Subsurface
> - scan
> - download
> if it works, go back to your house as likely your toes are cold.
> if not, repeat
> If I connected my Shearwater with a different computer or device since the
> last time I downloaded from it on Windows then it will take half a dozen or
> more of runs through this sequence.
> And for your statement about "never seen anybody"... please stop spreading
> this nonsense.
> As I have said multiple times here on this list, it works for me, and more
> importantly, the Windows BLE code was DEVELOPED using a Shearwater Perdix
> AI as the BLE dive computer to test with.
> It was in fact for a short while the only one supported.
> So yes, it doesn't work as well as I want it to work. But it definitely
> works.
> /D
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