Windows behaviour when clicking on tabs

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Dec 30 10:38:04 PST 2020

> On Dec 30, 2020, at 9:56 AM, John Smith via subsurface <subsurface at> wrote:
> Version 4.9.10-163 - Windows 10
> If you click on the Dive Sites tab on the dive information window, it clears the dive list window and you have to go back to a different tab and  re-select the dive you were looking at.
> Its the same behaviour no matter what dive number you are looking at.

Yes, the Dive Sites tab really shouldn't be a tab because it behaves fundamentally differently from all the other tabs.
It shows you a list of ALL of your dive sites. When you then select one or more dive sites that have dives at those sites, THOSE dives will be shown in the dive list.
I think that behavior is really logical in itself, but given that the Dive Sites tab is one of the tabs that appear to hold information about the dives shown, it's a bit surprising.

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