Build issues

Robert Helling helling at
Sat Jan 4 01:50:26 PST 2020


> Am 04.01.2020 um 05:34 schrieb Dirk Hohndel <dirk at>:
> Blow away your build directory and call from the directory above Subsurface with the path set up correctly for your Qt version.
> That will fix all of the build time and run time issues

Unfortunately not. I have already done that a number of times.

I should also add that these issues are not new, they keep reoccurring. In particular, the errors of the install_name_tool have been around for a long time but now gotten so bad that the wait is really annoying.

Tracking down the offending version that forgot the gas content: It was Subsurface-mobile 2.2.3 ( running on January 2nd. But I have not been diving for several months and did not use the mobile version in a similarly long time. So it could have been any version for a long time.


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