Segfault in OstcFirmwareCheck::checkLatest

Gaetan Bisson bisson at
Wed Jan 8 18:13:23 PST 2020

[2020-01-08 15:55:34 -1000] Gaetan Bisson:
> I just rebuilt subsurface from current git master and am getting a
> segfault when downloading dives from my OSTC3. The problem appears to be
> in OstcFirmwareCheck::checkLatest. I'm attaching the full backtrace of
> the crash. I'll investigate more later unless someone beats me to it.

So the problem seems to be that I've got an OSTC3 yet the following
assertion holds:

	strcmp(data->product, "OSTC 4") == 0)

Since apparently it's libdivecomputer that populates the device_data
struct, I'd like to report this to them but I don't see any recent
change that might have broken this, and this issue certainly did not
exist in mid-december. I'll dig more but for now I'm a bit confused.



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