Segfault in OstcFirmwareCheck::checkLatest

Anton Lundin glance at
Mon Jan 13 03:29:18 PST 2020

On 13 January, 2020 - Gaetan Bisson wrote:

> Hi Anton,
> [2020-01-10 16:51:26 -1000] Gaetan Bisson:
> > I'll double check later this weekend.
> I can't seem to be able to reproduce the segfault anymore. It could very
> well be that I misdiagnosed the problem and was in fact facing the issue
> Jan described. Sorry for the confusion.

I'd say that the diagnosis about the redirect is correct, and right now
the redirect is gone, but there are other problems with returning 403 so they're probably working
on something right now.

It's clearly shown in the stacktrace that fwParts is empty, so its not
the case that its trying to use the update data for a ostc3 and
comparing that against a ostc4.

Why it took the path of OSTC 4 there I still can't figure out...

I'll write it on my eternal todo-list to harden this code, so we don't
crash if a network call returns unexpected data.


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