towards 4.9.5

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Jun 7 19:47:21 PDT 2020

Linus pointed out to me that I have been tardy again in releasing desktop versions.
Given that the Filter and Statistic changes will likely take a little longer and be fairly disruptive, let's try and get a 4.9.5 out based on what we have.

I'll push the latest strings (we shouldn't have had a lot of changes (famous last words) and then maybe we can try and get this done over the next week or two?
Actually, I have a day off on Friday, so that might be a great thing to aim for (yeah, that's REALLY soon... I should have checked the state of translations, first).

If there's something that absolutely should be fixed / changed before I do a release, please holler.


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