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Miika Turkia miika.turkia at
Fri Jun 12 05:59:12 PDT 2020


it seems that we cannot provide Debian packages anymore as both stable and
testing Debians are using different Qt versions than Ubuntu. And the
packages that are built on Launchpad are Ubuntu based. I would be
interested in hearing ideas how to remedy this.

One option would be to have our own build server and use pbuilder to build
packages for Debian. Then we could have Debian repositories in e.g. to share these packages.

I have no idea how the current Subsurface build system works or if that
would support building Debian packages easily. It would, of course, be
better if there was no need for additional servers to tackle this.

Anyway, I have had pbuilder based setup for myself earlier, and have also
had private Debian repository, so I am familiar with this approach. If we
choose to go that way, this should not take too long for me to setup. But
integration with our build/release system, I have no idea. Or if there are
better options, as said, I am interested in hearing. Let me also know, if
this idea should not be pursued further.

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