Subsurface 4.9.6 this weekend (and translations)

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Thu Jun 18 09:34:57 PDT 2020

Hi Everyone

For those not subscribed to the User Forum, you may have missed that
our user space FTDI support is missing in the Mac binaries and broken
in all other binaries that include it (at least Windows and the Linux
Snap). The bug actually leads to crashes when the user tries to
download using FTDI.

This seems like a serious enough issue to make a new release that fixes
the problem right away. So I'm going to release 4.9.6 this weekend.

Of course, this is a great opportunity for the translators to catch up.
So if you missed the 4.9.5 deadline for translations and have some time
this week... here's the current list:

Swedish, Romanian, Portuguese(PT), Dutch, Hebrew, Finnish, Spanish,
German (DE), Catalan are all complete (yay!)

English(UK) & Bulgarian are missing just a hand full of strings

French is at 95%
Chinese at 93%
Polish at 87%
Czech at 84%
Brazilian Portuguese at 83%
Italian at 82%
Norwegian and Swiss German at 81%
Russian at 76%

If I match this against a very crude measure of popularity in language
used (by going through the access logs to cloud storage - so this is
not counting users who only use local storage), we get a rough
popularity order of

US English
UK English

I am quite surprised that Polish is ahead of Spanish, TBH.
And I see that especially Italian being at only 82% is unfortunate.

Any native Italian speakers here who'd be able to help with that?
And if our French team wants to tackle those last 5%? :-)

Thanks everyone. I'll post a very simple draft announcement soon.


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