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Mon Jun 22 06:04:17 PDT 2020

Superb – thanks Paul!  That last part (subsurface_test) resolves my main concern - I would hate to risk corrupting or overwriting my dive logs!

I’ll test using my OSTC2

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Thanks for the suggestion Rob.
If you have a github account and have logged in then the github link will download a file called
Once the file has downloaded, extract the subsurface-installer.exe by double clicking the file to open it and then drag the file subsurface-installer.exe somewhere.
If you select the googledocs link instead you will just get the subsurface-installer.exe on it's own.

You can then run the installer by double clicking on it. Windows Defender will warn you it has protected your PC. to carry on the installation you will need to select More Info, and that will enable Run Anyway.

The installer will not overwrite your existing subsurface installation, it will create subsurface_test, which you can run an uninstall from the installed program folder when you are done testing.

 Thanks for the help, and feel free to add any questions.

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 1:07 PM Rob Mason <rob at<mailto:rob at>> wrote:
You need to register for a GitHub account for the link to work.

@paul - might be worth adding some install instructions to gain a wider group of testers?

On Mon, 22 Jun 2020, 11:57 Jason Bramwell via subsurface, <subsurface at<mailto:subsurface at>> wrote:
Download link doesn’t work for me, willing to test though. I have a Petret, OSTC Plus-Sport and OSTC Plus-Tech I can test with. Since moving to a Bluetooth connected computer I have shied away from using Subsurface on Windows and instead use Subsurface on Linux Mint because of the Bluetooth issues.


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Subject: Request for testers

Hi everyone.

I have been working to update the windows build to updates to Qt 5.15 as well as drop having to use carefully picked versions of some libraries, with the goal that it will be easier to keep it up to date in the future.
One of the specific libraries that is impacted is the one that handled Bluetooth LE. If possible it would be great if some Windows users out there could test that connection with their computers works on this build.

Thanks in advance.

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