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Tue Jun 23 08:32:22 PDT 2020

4.9.6 seems to work fine when set to Auto but again instantly fails when set to force LE. If i remove the pairing and retry it seems like it doesn’t even try to communicate over the Bluetooth to re-establish the pairing whereas if I revert to Auto then I get the pop-up asking if I want to accept the pairing and download works.

So no, the new test build is no more broken with Windows 10 than the existing build when it comes to Bluetooth (as far as I am concerned).


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hello everyone,

could you please try an older version of Subsurface such as:

to ensure that it works for you and that the build change we are
introducing here is not what is the cause for the BLE failures.
note that you need to first uninstall the existing version of
Subsurface before trying a new install.

also note that the native Windows BLE backend that Subsurface uses has
a number of issues which are out of our control.

you must:
- install the latest drivers for your device.
- update Windows 10 to the latest version, older versions of Windows
have issues / are unlikely to work.
- use "force LE" when scanning for devices.
- if a device fails to connect try to unpair it, pair again, try to
download again.

thank you for taking the time to test.
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