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Fri Jul 2 09:57:09 PDT 2021

> On Jul 2, 2021, at 3:21 AM, Attilla de Groot via subsurface <subsurface at> wrote:
>>> I recently moved to a new MacBook, the M1 with ARM CPU. Will there be a build to support that (or in their “universal Binary”)? Then I can run it without Rosetta (the x86 emulator).
>> I got my MacMini with M1 CPU last week, but have not had the time, yet, to seriously try to build subsurface on it. Without trying I expect the biggest obstacle will be to have an ARM native Qt library. At this point, Subsurface uses Qt5 and nobody has started a transition to Qt6 yet and it might well be that there will never be an ARM version of Qt5.
> Well, for now I’m happy with Rosetta of course. Thanks, I hope Qt6 will be migrated in the future.

So it looks like some people have been successful compiling Qt 5.15.2 for M1 - at least that's how I interpret <>
I don't have access to an M1 Mac, so this isn't something I can really usefully try...

But if anyone wants to give it a go, that would be cool


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