preparing for 5.0.2

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Jul 2 16:51:10 PDT 2021

> On Jul 2, 2021, at 4:19 PM, Matt Thompson <mathomp at> wrote:
> Dirk, 
> I saw your call for testing and couldn't quickly find the test downloads.  Apparently, I need remedial window scrolling training.  I'll grab the Windows and Mac packages and give them a spin this evening. 

Well, the fact that there isn't an automatic "cleanup" script for the test directory might be part of the problem.
I keep thinking that I need to create that - and then there's always something else that I ALSO need to do.

Additionally - we have so many different binaries. In the earlier email I forgot to check on the Ubuntu Snap. And I forgot to kick off a macOS 10.12 build.

Here's what I know that we have

Four Ubuntu versions
More than a dozen variations of RPM builds for SUSE and Fedora
Windows & Windows 32bi
macOS 10.12 (not yet), 10.13/14, 10.15/11.x

(plus iOS and Android) -- all of the above I am on the hook for


A couple(?) of Debian versions
ArchLinux (well, maybe not)

And I'm sure I'm missing some.

But I will clean up the test folder


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