Re: BT doesn´t work

Jef Driesen jef at
Wed Jul 14 14:34:12 PDT 2021

On 8/07/2021 08:40, duefer--- via subsurface wrote:
> my BT connection to my Ratio iX3M dosen´t work.
Which iX3M model do you have? The screenshot shows a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 
connection to an iX3M 2021 GPS Tech+. That is the latest model which indeed 
supports BLE, but the older model (without the "2021" in the name) supports 
Bluetooth Classic only. So it's important to pick the correct model.

As always, include the libdivecomputer logfile by enabling the corresponding 
checkbox ("libdivecomputer-Protokolldatei speichern" in the screenshot). 
Otherwise we have no idea what went wrong.


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