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> I have been eyeing up the Paralenz Vaquita camera, mainly due to the depth based colour correction (something I had been thinking of doing myself). I emailed Paralenz about the possibility of extracting the dive log. I just got a response that it is saved out as a csv file, so we ought to be able to just use the CSV import function straight out of the box! :-)
> I have asked if they could send me a sample file. If I get that I will update on what it contains.

thanks a lot. That is good news. Given that we have already another paralenz feature in the form of exporting depth and time as a subtitle file that can be used together with videos short during the dive for in picture display of these values, one could contemplate to also do such color correction. I am sure this would be possible with ffmepg. Maybe an interesting project for a student to research this… too bad we don’t do GSOC anymore.

I myself don’t do underwater video/photo. Do you have any examples (video/pictures with accompanying depth data from a dive computer) that one could use to get started?

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