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> On 19. Jul 2021, at 18:36, Paul Buxton <paulbuxton.mail at> wrote:
> I may not have been very clear. I meant that the Paralenz might be an alternate way of logging your dives, rather than using subsurface as a way of getting image correction based on depth.
> One of the problems with that is exactly what you asked for, i.e. having images with associated depth data. Ideally you would want images with a color reference chart.
> Paralenz have been good enough to send a sample csv file. Which it looks like it would be easy enough to either pre-process to make it consumable by subsurface, or add support for.
> The fields are not quite a match for the ones in the csv importer, but could be handled easily enough I think.

yes, I understood what you meant. That should be very easy (the only two complications seem to be that the sample time in the first column is not relative to the start of the dive but rather relative to Jesus’ birth and that the temperature has an extra „+“ in front. Otherwise it would import directly.

I don’t think many divers take color reference charts with them. But a bit of googling produced <> 
which looks like an interesting project in this respect. With a little more time I might look into if we can interface with it.


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