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Mon Jul 19 10:04:24 PDT 2021

Looks like the time format is not currently supported.
- The date uses different separator than what we support (would be easy to
- Date and time are in same column, so would require special parsing to
split them (should be easy enough)
- Time is given in clock time, not relative to start of the dive. So this
would also need to be taken into account. And this would probably be
tricky, see below.

Support could be implemented either by preprocessing, or adding support
directly to Subsurface, just as you suggest. The latter is a bit more
complex as the import is unfortunately done with XSLT and CSV import with
it is really already pushing the limits of that language (it was meant for
XML transformations). Would require a bit of thinking how to do the direct
import, there might be some trick that I cannot think right now.

The + sign Robet mentions would be easy to take into account, if it is not
already handled correctly.


On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 7:37 PM Paul Buxton via subsurface <
subsurface at> wrote:

> I may not have been very clear. I meant that the Paralenz might be an
> alternate way of logging your dives, rather than using subsurface as a way
> of getting image correction based on depth.
> One of the problems with that is exactly what you asked for, i.e. having
> images with associated depth data. Ideally you would want images with a
> color reference chart.
> Paralenz have been good enough to send a sample csv file. Which it looks
> like it would be easy enough to either pre-process to make it consumable by
> subsurface, or add support for.
> The fields are not quite a match for the ones in the csv importer, but
> could be handled easily enough I think.
> Paul
> On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 10:29 AM Robert.Helling <robert at>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 19. Jul 2021, at 10:14, Paul Buxton via subsurface <
>> subsurface at> wrote:
>> I have been eyeing up the Paralenz Vaquita camera, mainly due to the
>> depth based colour correction (something I had been thinking of doing
>> myself). I emailed Paralenz about the possibility of extracting the dive
>> log. I just got a response that it is saved out as a csv file, so we ought
>> to be able to just use the CSV import function straight out of the box! :-)
>> I have asked if they could send me a sample file. If I get that I will
>> update on what it contains.
>> thanks a lot. That is good news. Given that we have already another
>> paralenz feature in the form of exporting depth and time as a subtitle file
>> that can be used together with videos short during the dive for in picture
>> display of these values, one could contemplate to also do such color
>> correction. I am sure this would be possible with ffmepg. Maybe an
>> interesting project for a student to research this… too bad we don’t do
>> GSOC anymore.
>> I myself don’t do underwater video/photo. Do you have any examples
>> (video/pictures with accompanying depth data from a dive computer) that one
>> could use to get started?
>> Best
>> Robert
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