Subsurface-mobile on a Linux phone

Anton Lundin glance at
Wed Jun 23 07:39:40 PDT 2021

On 23 June, 2021 - Willem Ferguson via subsurface wrote:

> With the advent of Linux mobile phones, all sorts of possibilities arise
> with Subsurface-mobile. Many of the I/O problems with Android are likely to
> disappear and a cleaner implementation is likely.

Android phones run Linux. 

Most Android related IO-issues was solved when we moved away from
libftdi and used JNI to call into java based serial-usb-for-android.
> But this would probably require a separate build process. Would
> Subsurface-mobile install directly on a Linux phone? What dependencies would
> need to be met? Debian and Redhat are commonly implemented on these phones.
> Would this be a relative straight-forwards installation or would it require
> a whole new build process?

What do you mean exactly by "Linux phone"? There are 10+ OSes for phones
which uses Linux, please specify which one you're talking about.

My guess is that none of them will displace any market, so from a pure
user perspective they're all irrelevant. But if a developer has one and
would like to port Subsurface-mobile to whatever platform go nuts. The
amount of effort needed depends on the SDK for that platform and how
well Qt supports that platform.

For example, I'd guess its a 2-20h project to port Subsurface-mobile to
Sailfish OS, and that's without usb/bluetooth support.


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